Cara Install Huruf Times New Roman Di LibreOffice

Arial, Times New Roman, Impact and Verdana are some of the most commonly used fonts. They are so widely used in fact that whenever you open a Word document from any computer, you immediately expect to find their presence. However, on your newly installed Ubuntu (and many other Linux distros), you will find that there is absolutely no trace of any of these fonts.

Unix Operation System by default, does not include the commonly used Microsoft core fonts in its installation. The set of fonts that it uses is not supported in Windows or Mac. This means that if you create a document and send to your partner for editing, he/she will not be able to view it in the way that it was originally formatted. Vice versa, you won’t be able to view the document that your friend sends you in the way that it was formatted, unless he/she is using the same fonts as you.

Luckily, installing the Microsoft core fonts package (and any other new fonts) in Unix Operation System is easy. Here’s how you can do it on your own:

Installing a single font

Double click on the font. Click “Install Font” in the lower right hand corner. Congratulations, your font has been installed!

More than one font

  1. Move all your fonts to the ~/ Directory. The ~/ Directory is your home folder. So if you were logged in as cruddpuppet, the directory would be /home/cruddpuppet/ .
  2. Open up the terminal. I’m assuming you’ve already extracted the font to the ~/ directory. Type: “cd /usr/local/share/fonts/truetype” without the quotes (the path is “/usr/share/fonts/truetype” on some distros). What this does is changes the directory to the truetype fonts directory.
  3. Type in “sudo mkdir myfonts” also without quotes. Assuming you’re not logged in as root, this will ask you for your password. Anything you type will not be seen, but it is there. Just type in your password, press enter, and the directory ‘myfonts’ will be created.
  4. Type in “cd myfonts” . Then type in “sudo cp ~/fontname.ttf .” . These will get your font in the /myfonts directory.
  5. In order to install the font, ownership has to belong to root, so type in “sudo chown root fontname.ttf” and after that “sudo mkfontdir” which makes a directory for your font.
  6. Now your font is installed, but it will disappear the next time unix operation system starts up, so you just need to type “cd ..” and after that “fc-cache -v -f” .
  7. Note: If you don’t have root/sudo privileges on the machine. You can put the TTF files in the ~/.fonts directory.
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